Brain injury claims

Brain injury changes a person’s life in many ways. It impacts the injured person’s everyday life, but also their families and friends.

At Laifa Legal Services, we understand how important early financial compensation is. It helps you and your family cope with life changes, not least the financial pressure often faced in the aftermath of a serious injury. Your Laifa membership means you or non-working members of your family can access specialist, free legal advice.

Whether the brain injury was caused as a result of an accident or medical negligence, our brain injury solicitors have unrivalled experience in handling brain injury claims, securing the maximum compensation for members and their families. They will work with you to quickly assess your case and current care needs, and provide immediate support and advice to you.

Early and specialist rehabilitation is a crucial part of the recovery process. Our brain injury solicitors will work hard to secure interim payments to meet the cost of any specialist treatment you may need whilst your brain injury claim is ongoing. Our brain injury solicitors have close links with rehabilitation experts who can provide additional support to aid your recovery, and make you as comfortable and independent as possible – maximising quality of life.

Our solicitors are active members of Headway, UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF) and were part of the team that launched the National Brain Injury Service Directory, which enables brain injury victims to access essential services when they need them.

Making a brain injury compensation claim

At Laifa Legal Services, our lawyers specialise in brain injury. Our brain injury lawyers understand the complexities of brain injury and the varied types of care and treatment needed in the aftermath of a brain injury.

You can claim for brain injury compensation to cover the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation and any home adaptations that need to be made. Our lawyers will make sure your compensation covers loss of earnings, and provide financial support to you and your family.

By claiming through Laifa Legal Services, you will keep 100% of the compensation secured for you. You will not be charged any legal fees.

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