Clinical negligence claims

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Clinical negligence cases are always fiercely defended so your chance of success is limited without specialist support. Medical negligence is a complex area of law and Laifa Legal Services has a reputation for securing the maximum compensation for injuries that are a result of clinical negligence, including complications during labour, misdiagnosis, and surgical or human error.

Our legal experts will investigate the circumstances surrounding what happened to you or a member of your family and, where necessary, obtain the opinions of independent medical experts to ensure that your case is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible. This also includes collecting information from specialists, such as occupational therapists, to make sure that your immediate and long-term rehabilitation and care needs are covered.

Whatever your situation, LaifaLegal Services’ medical negligence solicitors will support you through every step of your claim, to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Making a medical negligence claim

If you or a non-working family member has been the victim of medical negligence, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

In the UK, there is a strict time limit of three years from the date of your injury, or the date you could have reasonably identified that your symptoms were as a result of clinical negligence, in which to make a compensation claim. Do not delay. If you feel you have been a victim of medical negligence, contact Laifa Legal Services today.

Laifa Legal Services can help you claim compensation to cover the cost of pain and suffering you have gone through, and may go through in the future, as well as the cost of medical rehabilitation and changes in lifestyle. Compensation can also be claimed to cover the cost of adapting your surroundings to allow you to live as independently as possible, and give you access to any rehabilitation aids and equipment you may need.

You can be assured that we will fight hard to ensure you receive the maximum compensation for your medical negligence claim to meet your long-term needs. Where suitable, we will obtain an interim (immediate) payment to help ease the financial strain as your case progresses.

Our clinical negligence solicitors understand the life-changing effects clinical negligence can have on individuals and their families, and recognise the essential ongoing support you may need as a result.