Spinal injury

Spinal injury is life changing. The thought of not being able to lead your life as you did prior to your injury can be extremely traumatic.

However, many sufferers of spinal cord injury go on to lead lives of quality and independence. Getting the right support and advice at the outset is key, and this is where Laifa Legal Services is uniquely placed to help.

LaifaLegal Services has unparalleled experience of dealing with people in the wake of a spinal cord injury. The inevitable financial strain from any loss of earnings and the significant cost of securing the very best rehabilitation care means that the right advice and support is essential. Laifa Legal Services provides legal support together with necessary support in your workplace. We combine legal support and industrial might to cover all aspects of the consequences of spinal cord injury to ensure the very best outcome for our members and their families.

At Laifa Legal Services, we understand the varied challenges facing members and their families in the wake of a spinal injury. We have a team of spinal injury solicitors who are experienced and dedicated to supporting Laifa members with making spinal injury claims.  We also support non-working family members if they suffer a spinal cord injury.

Our spinal cord injury lawyers have decades of experience. They secure the maximum spinal injury compensation for Laifa members and their families. This includes securing interim payments throughout any legal case to meet the costs of any immediate care, required aids and equipment and often adapted, or alternative accommodation to meet the change in lifestyle.    

Laifa Legal Services has close working relationships with support groups. We have access to the very best experts and most up to date technologies to help our members achieve the best available quality of life post injury. Our lawyers are active in supporting and working with the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA).

Making a spinal injury compensation claim

If you, or a non-working family member, has suffered a spinal injury as a result of an accident, contact Laifa Legal Services today – we’re committed to supporting you through every step of your claim.

By contacting your union at the outset, you are guaranteed to keep 100% of the compensation Laifa Legal Services’ secures on your behalf. You will not need to pay a penny in legal fees.

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