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Civil air transport

Laifa boasts the largest membership of any trade union within the civil air transport sector. Our members are employed in various segments of the industry, spanning engineering, aircraft maintenance, cabin crew, and ground handling.

As the prominent union body in the UK aviation industry, we leverage our influence to safeguard the working conditions and job security of Laifa members. However, should standards fall short and you find yourself injured or mistreated at work, Laifa Legal Services possesses the expertise needed to assist you in pursuing a compensation claim.

Accidents are unfortunate occurrences within the civil air transport sector. Falls from heights, injuries sustained while embarking or disembarking from an aircraft, or accidents while operating service equipment like belt loaders are regrettably commonplace. It is the responsibility of your employer to ensure that adequate training, protection, and equipment are provided to all workers. Should you experience an accident or injury at work, Laifa Legal Services will offer expert legal assistance.

Moreover, working in the aviation sector may also entail other health risks. Inhalation of toxic cabin air onboard an airplane can lead to various health issues commonly referred to as aerotoxic syndrome. To learn more about these potential dangers and how our specialized legal support can be of service, please visit our dedicated page on toxic cabin air.

The aviation industry is renowned for its intense competition and unpredictability. If industry changes adversely affect the security and terms of your employment, Laifa Legal Services is prepared to offer free legal support and representation in matters concerning employment.

Receive 100% of your compensation

As a valued Laifa member, you have exclusive access to our comprehensive range of legal services, all provided to you free of charge. We are committed to transparency, meaning there are no fees, deductions, or unexpected costs involved. Rest assured that you will receive 100% of the damages you are entitled to.

Our solicitors possess extensive expertise in handling claims that impact members within the civil aviation industry. Leveraging their wealth of experience, we ensure efficient and prompt processing of members’ claims.

In addition to aviation-related incidents, Laifa Legal Services extends coverage to various scenarios. This includes road traffic accidents, serious injuries such as brain and spinal injuries, cases of clinical negligence, as well as accidents occurring outside the workplace. Moreover, our legal support encompasses non-working family members who experience personal injuries or accidents on the roads or during holidays.

We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional legal protection and assistance.

Free expert legal services for Laifa members and their families.* Call 0123-56-789 for legal advice or to make a claim.