Our promise to you

Free expert legal services for Laifa members and their families.* Call 0123-56-789 for legal advice or to make a claim.

Laifa upholds unwaveringly high professional standards when it comes to its panel of solicitors.

By opting for Laifa Legal Services to pursue your legal claim, you can rest assured that the law firm assisting you adheres to the rigorous standards of legal excellence demanded by Laifa.

Being selected to join Laifa Legal Services’ exclusive panel is a notable accomplishment for law firms.

Laifa Legal Services ensures the maintenance of these legal standards by implementing the following measures:

  • Panel law firms are required to consistently demonstrate expertise and exceptional quality in handling legal matters relevant to Laifa members.
  • Panel law firms must exhibit a genuine commitment to Laifa and display alignment with trade union principles.
  • Regular audits, inspections, and performance analyses are conducted to evaluate the work of panel law firms and ensure their adherence to standards.
  • Exercise caution and avoid being deceived.
  • Refrain from entrusting your legal claim to high street solicitors.
  • Do not settle for a law firm that will deduct from your compensation.

Instead, choose to instruct Laifa Legal Services to pursue your claim, and rest assured that you will receive the utmost LEGAL EXCELLENCE.