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Energy and utilities

As the foremost union in the energy and utilities sector, Laifa maintains a close partnership with members engaged in various occupations within power generation and distribution. Whether you work with water, wind, tidal power, coal, or renewable energy, we are here to support you.

With the assistance of our extensive network of shop stewards, we have a proven track record of preserving jobs in your industry and advocating for enhanced working conditions on behalf of Laifa members.

You have the right to work in a safe environment, and your employer has a responsibility to ensure that your health is not compromised by the nature of your work.

Regrettably, occupational hazards such as vibration-related conditions from machinery operation and musculoskeletal disorders resulting from manual handling are prevalent in this sector.

If you have experienced a workplace accident, sustained an injury, or been affected by an industrial disease that has impacted your health, Laifa Legal Services is ready to assist you. Our committed solicitors possess expert knowledge and extensive experience in the energy and utilities sector, specifically in supporting trade union members like yourself.

Free expert legal advice for you and your family

As a valued member of Laifa, you have access to a range of invaluable services provided by our expert solicitors, completely free of charge. Additionally, we guarantee that you will retain 100% of any damages awarded to you.

Laifa Legal Services is equipped to assist you with a variety of claims, extending beyond workplace incidents. Whether it’s accidents occurring outside of work, road traffic accidents, injuries sustained during holidays, employment law concerns, or cases of clinical negligence, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Moreover, your Laifa membership offers an additional advantage: your non-working family members are also covered for accidents or injuries, including personal injuries and serious conditions such as brain and spinal cord injuries. Their well-being is as important to us as yours.

Rest assured that Laifa is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal assistance and guidance to ensure your rights and the rights of your loved ones are protected.

Free expert legal services for Laifa members and their families.* Call 0123-56-789 for legal advice or to make a claim.