Dermatitis Claims

If you have developed dermatitis as a result of your working conditions, we could help you to make a dermatitis claim for compensation.

Every year in the UK, thousands of people are exposed to hazardous substances and dangerous chemicals at work, which can cause skin diseases like dermatitis.

Dermatitis is a common work-related skin disease that results in the inflammation of the skin. There are two types of dermatitis; contact irritant dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Symptoms of dermatitis include:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Blisters
  • Soreness
  • Scaling
  • Rashes.

While it can be difficult to identify the exact cause of dermatitis, common causes of work-related dermatitis include exposure to oils, cleaning products, glue, dyes, coolants, plants and water. Occupations that are at a greater risk of dermatitis include cleaners, hospital staff, manufacturing or factory workers, hairdressers, cleaner and engineers. These job roles are more often than not exposed to hazardous substances that can cause skin disease.

If you are exposed to hazardous substances in the workplace, it is your employer’s responsibility to ensure you have the necessary protection and equipment to carry out your role safely.

You could be entitled to make a claim if you have developed dermatitis as a result of your work conditions and your employer’s negligence in providing you with the right safety equipment.

Making a dermatitis compensation claim

At Laifa Legal Services, we have a team of solicitors who specialise in dermatitis claims. Our lawyers only ever represent the injured, and never act for employers, so you can rest assured that we are 100% on your side. We can help you to prove that your dermatitis developed because of your work, and make sure your employer is held accountable for failing to protect you.

What’s more, Laifa members will keep 100% of their compensation and won’t have to pay a penny in legal fees, whereas high street solicitors can take up to 25% of your compensation.

If you have developed dermatitis, contact Laifa Legal Services for free legal advice on how to start a claim.

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